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“It is important to me to make sure my horses are feeling good when I ask them to perform for me. My horses work and look like a million buck with Nutra-Lix Plus! I have an eleven year old gelding that had stifle surgery. I have been feeding him Nutra-Lix Plus and Nutra-Lix Joint-Rite, and my veterinarian cannot believe how good he looks! I believe the Nutra-Lix Joint-Rite is really making my horse recover from surgery faster than normal.”

- Jill Ferdina, 4-time Montana Circuit Finals Qualifier & 2009 Barrel Racing Champion & Record Holder at Cody, Wyoming

Why Choose Nutra-Lix?

Nutra-Lix Plus
Our Nutra-Lix Plus is a comprehensive liquid vitamin and mineral supplement that is formulated for optimum horse health and performance. Nutra-Lix Plus contains maximum levels of concentrated key nutrients, highly digestible minerals and significant levels of vitamin E  combined with biotin, L Lysine and D.L. Methionine.  The results of this formulation are:
Better feed utilization • A richer, shinier hair coat • Better hoof condition • Increase stamina and energy

Nutra-Lix Joint-Rite
Today’s performance horses have to meet increasing demands for speed, agility and strength. Demands on the equine athlete are now greater than ever. To meet this need Nutra-Lix developed Joint-Rite – a nutraceutical aid for the treatment and prevention of joint problems in your horse. It is especially formulated to promote joint health in stress conditions.

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